Zenith’s Marketing Consultants are sent to businesses nationwide, covering all sectors such as estate agencies, law firms, hospitals, universities etc.

An initial assessment is taken to distinguish the needs and requirements of our clients, tailored to their budget. The Support Team will work alongside the business, aiding and assisting it to reach its full potential.

“A great consultant is someone that is very passionate about helping businesses grow through better marketing.”

Media Screens

High-definition graphics are transformed onto informative digital screens that significantly attract brand awareness through engaging point of purchase and other in-store displays. Our digital displays will help you drive footfall and increase revenue.

Zenith offers many different forms of digital platforms including:

  • Kiosk screens
  • LED flat screens
  • Vehicle screens
  • Outdoor event screens

The screens incorporate memorable visuals which improve audience engagement and retention, allowing content to be delivered across multiple prime locations, attracting a mass audience.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Team helps your business find new ways of generating revenues and customers that are aligned with the fast-moving pace of technology, as well as optimising and modernising traditional marketing methods.

Once a marketing plan has been decided our experts will guide your business to execute the plan, developing, and assessing the performance of your marketing and ultimately reaching your success.

This includes social media management and content management.

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